FEED 1.0 - #wintersocksspresets (NON COD PRODUCT)

by Felizland
Rs. 1,800.00



Always wondered how those Instagram feed goals are achieved by creating cohesive pictures? 

The secret is out, the greatest tip to keep your digital photos game strong, is using the same colour correction on all photos.

'FEED' presets by Wintersockss , is a unique set of presets to make your feed look aesthetic and cohesive.



6 DNG files (6 presets) for Lightroom Mobile App.
1 Installation guide with step-by-step instructions on how to install and use your presets. 


    Please Note: 

    Presets are a great to create a cohesive theme for your photos, however, they are not a one-click change on your photos since every photo is taken in different lighting conditions and also using different cameras/phones. Please do not worry if the photos do not look as expected. You can play around the settings to check what suits best for your photo. Try changing 'vibrance', 'exposure', 'shadows', 'highlights', 'hues'- to change individual colours, etc. Lightroom is a versatile app and you'll be a pro after a few tries :)



    1.What are Lightroom presets?

    “Presets” simply mean pre-adjusted settings to facilitate the use of an application or device without actually having to learn it.

    I’m sorry, but what does the above answer mean? :P
    Lightroom Presets are pre-adjusted settings that make photo editing as simple as a ‘one-click’ changes.

    2. I’m new to Lightroom, can I use the presets?

    Yes, learning any app is a matter of practice and to make the use of Lightroom easy for editing is the whole point of Presets. There is a step-by-step guide to installing and using the presets for mobile that will be sent with the purchase of every pack of presets. Hence, making it absolutely user friendly :)

    3. Are presets same as Filters?
    If you’re referring to mobile app filters, no they are not. Presets are open files of the edit-settings which you can further change to your liking, unlike filters which can’t be altered. 

    4. Why do I need presets?
    If you’re a photographer, you can minimize your hours of post processing by applying ‘presets’ to your photos and create a cohesive lot of photos for your clients.
    If you’re a digital content creator(Blogger, Influencer) or in general just interested in having aesthetically beautiful photos you can use ‘Presets’ to improve your content and effectively have a great feed/blog.

    3. I am a photographer, can I use the presets for commercial use?
    Yes, as long as you have a purchased version of our presets. All content and products sold on Felizland are copyrighted material, any unauthorized use, distribution, resale or misuse of ‘Presets’ will be met with legal action.

    4.I’m a blogger/influencer, can I use the presets for my blog?

    Yes, you can use the presets for all digital media content, as long as you have a purchased version of our presets.
    All content and products sold on Felizland are copyrighted material, any unauthorized use, distribution, resale or misuse of ‘Feliz Presets’ will be met with legal action.

    5. If I buy a new computer can I install the presets again?

    Yes, we recommend a back up of the preset files as the download limit and duration will be limited to a certain number of days after purchase for product security. You can use your backed up preset files to reinstall in your new computer.

    6. How do I change the skin tones after preset application?

    For skin tones, you can change the ‘Luminance’ of Orange colour in your colour panel to adjust it to your desire.

    7. What if the presets are not working for me? Can I return them?

    We have spent a great amount of time in crafting the presets as per suitable category of photos, so please go through the description of each pack before selecting which pack suits your photos the best.
    We have created the presets to fit maximum kinds of light conditions and colours. Although,minor adjustments need to be made as per your photo’s light conditions and skin tones to make the most of the presets.
    As ‘Lightroom presets’ is a digital product, all sales are final. There will be no returns of refunds. 
    Presets are one of the steps to enhancing your photos; a great photograph is made of your vision and composition.

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